Listen before you say NO !!!

Being a therapist has made me quiet headstrong and although empathy has a big role to play in my decision making capabilities, most of the times getting emotional proves to be a unfavourable thing while rehabilitating a child

Kids are a constant source of joy and a bundle of energy. But only when it’s all fun and games. When it comes to following rules or doing things our way, they often tend to get stubborn. So when i am tasked with making a child do something he or she doesn’t like to , it can be quite frustrating to be at the receiving end of their tantrums and misbehaviour.

What I have learnt is that you need not be a good cop or a bad cop all the time trying to discipline the child. What the child wants is to be heard. The way a child acts out can just be an expression of a want or a need. So try to really listen to the child for once. Reason out his demands and understand the root of the demand and the consequence in his mind if the demand is not fulfilled.

It’s easy to believe that the child is spoilt and wants something just out of habit of getting things. But kids are usually not that vain and have some rationale behind wanting things or insisting their ways. Once we reach the root cause of a want or a demand it’s easier to find a way out.

Substituting a demand with practical solutions is one effective technique but make sure the solution is practical to the child as well and not just for you.


hesitant to express 

So I am gonna start writing because it’s really difficult to keep things to myself. Yes I can’t keep secrets in my tummy and it actually hurts when I do. But the thoughts and feelings at times just can’t be expressed for the fear of being judged. Let’s hope I can share my feelings here like I used to share them with my dairy when I was young.

I am as they call, a newly married woman, the Indian bahu who has left her cosy protective shelter to Start a new life with a completely new person and a new family in a new house. I have known my hubby for almost a year now but then it feels as if I hardly knew him. I am not complaining. I amadjusting. All are really sweet to me and kind and helpful. But something is amiss and I don’t know where the happiness has vanished from my smile since I have left my parents place.  I remember fighting with my mom like cats and dogs and now I miss that so much that I cry thinking about those silly arguments. It’s difficult to adjust in a new environment but so far so good. 

I shall b posting my experiences here and I.hope this dairy creates some insight into what an average girl faces in her life when she adorns the hashtag of #wifey #bahu #working woman.. broken but ready to fly !!